Broom Lore

Broom Lore

Brooms have practical applications, yes, but they have also been used for ritual symbolism. The broom is a symbol of cleanliness and domestic order. Enjoy these interesting old customs and folklore about brooms:

* A straw broom was always in the corner of a clean house.

* To indicate to your guests they have stayed long enough simply place a broom on the floor.

* The practice of laying a broom across your threshold on New Year's Day will keep evil spirits away during the remainder of the year.

* The act of sweeping a circle around a mate in any room of the home will keep them eternally true.

* If a single person wishes to get married, they should never let anyone sweep a circle around them.

* In the harvest ceremony, brooms were raised up to show how high they would like the crops to grow.

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