World Honey Bee Day

World Honey Bee Day

Honey bees are all the buzzzz....and we are here for it! 

World Honey Bee Day is an opportunity to thank those busy creatures for all they do. And for us, it's a great day to feature all of our honey bee products in the Museum Store. 

If you haven't tried HAM Hives Honey, pick some up before all the jars are gone. We harvest the honey from Historic Arkansas Museum's own bee hives located on our roof. 

We also have honey bee themed gifts, including socks, mugs, ceramic trays, jewelry and  more! 

Honey Bee Day is every day at the museum, but on September 19 - the official day - we will have special activities on our grounds for visitors, including candle dipping. So, come see us! We'll "bee" here!

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