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U of Arkansas Press

"Arkansas in Modern America Since 1930 2nd Edition"

"Arkansas in Modern America Since 1930 2nd Edition"

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This second edition of Arkansas in Modern America since 1930 represents a significant rewriting of and elaboration on the first edition, published in 2000. Historian Ben. F. Johnson III fills in gaps, reconsiders his original conclusions, and reflects on new developments in historical scholarship, extending the book's analysis of the political, economic, social, and cultural position into 2019.

Particularly impressive for the breadth of its scope, this book offers an overview of the factors that moved Arkansas from a primarily rural society to one more in step with the modern economy and perspectives of the nation as a whole. Johnson considers the roles of Daisy Bates, Sam Walton, Don Tyson, Bill Clinton, and other influential figures in the state's history to reveal a state shaped by global as much as by local forces. Arkansas in Modern America since 1930 will continue to set the standard for analysis and interpretation of Arkansas's place in the contemporary world.

Written by Ben F. Johnson III

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