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Doug Stowe

Doug Stowe - Wooden Spalted Cardholder

Doug Stowe - Wooden Spalted Cardholder

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This wooden business card holder beautifully crafted by Doug Stowe would make an excellent gift. The Hardwood Forest Spalted Collection displays intricate patterns of color and line that form as wood decays.  The "spalted" patterns are due to activity of fungus and bacteria.  Stowe recovers wood sound enough for use yet marked with these spalted patterns. DESIGN VARIES

In 2009, the Arkansas Arts Council named Doug an Arkansas Living Treasure for his work with wood and in education. He lives in a hardwood forest at the edge of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. You can learn more about him in our Arkansas Made Living Treasure Film Series.

Each box is approximately 3.25" W x 2" D x 1" H.


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